Whenever you create letterhead, but especially when you create letterhead for specific organizations, you will want to use a logo on the letterhead banner. Many churches have nationally recognized logos. For example, the logo for http://www.valentinoshoesa.com/ the United Methodist Church is that of a cross and a red flame and the logo for the Baptist Church generally involves a dove and blue cross.

If your church has a national logo, you will want to use that on your letterhead. Some local churches like to add their community church name or gently modify the logo. As long as this is allowed in your church's hierarchical structure, feel free to customize the logo to your branch.

2. Avoid Religious Icon Backgrounds That Compete With Text While you may be tempted to have a watermark image of Jesus's crucifixion or the image of Jesus with thorns around his head, try to avoid this. While this may be appropriate for personal correspondence, it is not appropriate for professional correspondence. It is best when designing church letterhead to keep the design simple so as to increase the professional appearance of your letters. If you must use a watermark on your letterhead, Valentino Shoes stick to a watermark using the church's logo or a simple graphical design that does not detract from the messages you will convey in your letters.


4. Include an Inspirational Quote Many churches enjoy sending church letterhead with inspirational quotes. You have two options when including a quote. If you are having the letterhead professionally printed in advance of use, choose a quote that reflects the mission statement of your church. If, on the other hand, you are creating a template that you will use Cheap Valentino Shoes again and again on the computer and then print off when you need to send letters to congregants, you may instead wish to leave a space for such a quote and change the quote to match the topic of your correspondence.